Greetings byGosh

Greetings byGosh is a simple, free plugin that supplements the standard greeting “Howdy” in the WordPress admin dashboard. It displays a random greeting from around the world – the equivalent of “Hello” in 14 different languages. “Howdy” is also included in the rotation because I am fond of it, it just gets a little monotonous on its own. Greetings byGosh has only been tested using English language WordPress.

greetings bygosh

That’s it – that’s all it does. In a planned future version the list of greetings will be editable – you will be able to add to it, subtract from it, or change it out completely. For example you might prefer funny or inspirational sayings instead of greetings.

Greetings byGosh is available for download from the official plugin repository, where you can also post support questions. If you enjoy Greetings byGosh, please leave a review.

Greetings byGosh was inspired by TM Replace Howdy, which I enjoyed but is no longer maintained.